Top 10 Songs by The Wombats

The Wombats

Four albums have been released since the Liverpudlian duo formed in 2003, they have cemented themselves as indie disco legends. I will look at what, in my opinion, is the top 10 Wombats songs so far.

10. Turn

The only song on this list from their latest album ‘Beautiful People Will Ruin Your Life’. It’s certainly a song to sing along to. I really like the lyrics very interesting too such as one of my most liked ‘watering plastic plants in the hope that they will grow’.

9. Let’s Dance To Joy Division

The most famous Wombats song, ‘Let’s Dance To Joy Division’ will probably be on most peoples indie playlists. Did you know on the 7″ vinyl of this song, there is a hidden track in which Tord sings the Postman Pat theme song in Norwegian, crazy!

8. Lost In The Post

Probably a surprise addition to most people, this used to be a personal favourite of mine. The song explains how the narrator and the person in question had a relationship in which they didn’t work out and how lonely the narrator is without this person in their life as they have just basically disappeared.

7. Tokyo – Vampires & Wolves

Track number 2 and the first single from ‘This Modern Glitch’. ‘Tokyo’ is certainly an indie bop, with its fantastic melody, it was bound to be up there in the list.

6. Flowerball

Another surprise to people probably, but I rate this bonus track off the album ‘Glitterbug’. It has probably, in my opinion, the best lyric line in ‘I’ve got the cash, if you’ve got the hugs’, which basically takes the mick out of the anti drugs campaign ‘Hugs not Drugs’, how smart.

5. Moving To New York

Now this is a huge song to have a sing and dance to, released on their debut album ‘A Guide To..’, it was a huge success as a single, reaching Silver status.

4. Greek Tragedy

The music video for this tune is a weird one, featuring April Pearson (most famous for her role as Michelle on Skins), she basically murders the whole band, very weird. Still, its a fantastic song which will get you moving.

3. Kill The Director

I never thought I’d love a song that has lyrics such as “This is no Bridget Jones” being sung numerous times, but here I am. You can tell from the start of the song that its a complete utter bop, with its catchy riff and melody, you will 100% be singing along once you’ve learnt all the words.

2. Techno Fan

A song that literally bursts into life with the chorus. It builds up to the chorus, getting faster with each verse, then it literally explodes. It is just classic Wombats.

1. Give Me A Try

Finally in first, ‘Give Me A Try’ is the ultimate Wombats song. It has everything you expect in a Wombats song. Catchy, check. Good lyrics, check. Big explosive chorus, check. Scream able, check. Dancing tune, check. I could never see myself not sing or dance along to this. An upbeat song also, it displays the immense side of The Wombats. The best, in my opinion.

Top 10 in a playlist :

Caylum Matson


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