Bored – Trash EP Review



Well today is a very sad, Indie Pop band Trash has decided to move away from music. It’s a very disappointing decision as they certainly had it in them to be big but their reasons are understandable.

The quartet from Chesterfield revealed in an interview with Wonderland Magazine that lead singer Dan Longmore just “stopped enjoying” making music. He also said “there comes a point when you feel like you’ve given all you have to give”. This interview can be read in full here.

But before they leave, they have released three final farewell tracks on an EP named “Bored”. In my opinion, the three songs are some of my favourite work done by the group.

The EP starts with the lead song “Bored”, it’s a very standard indie dream tune but very catchy, relatable lyrics with a nice sounding lead guitar. Next up is “All I’ve Got To Do Is Forget You” and probably my favourite off of the EP itself, this song has a very memorable chorus and deep verses. Lastly is “While You’re Mine” which is a classic TRASH song, very soft guitar and relaxing vocal sounds.

All three of these songs are up there with other classic tracks such as “Give Up”, “81” and “Hot Coffee”.

You can check out “Bored” and all of the other TRASH tuneesss right now on Spotify:

Farewell TRASH.

Caylum Matson



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